The remarkable Greco-Roman archaeological site of ancient Ephesus dating back to the 11th century B.C. It has been painstakingly excavated and restored and is one of the world’s most fascinating sites of antiquity. Ephesus flourished as a prominent city and seaport between 600 B.C. and 500 A.D. Ephesus has played significant roles during the date, in the early Christianity, as well. The prestige of Ephesus increased with the arrival of St. Paul, for spreadinge Christianity to the Ephesians worshipping to Artemision. St. Paul had also sent one of his most famous letters to the church in Ephesus. St. John and Virgin Mary visited Ephesus and Virgin Mary settled down the Mount Bulbul, located close to Ephesus, around the years of 431 A.D.

Imagine Ephesus by night and in lights all over the city. Consider yourself walking on the marble streets like the Ephesians did on the 11th century. Renting Ephesus library for a special event like your birthday party, or to listen to one of the most famous musicians for a classical concert. These are just some of the tempting events we will provide for you.